Virtual Reality is fast becoming the newest and coolest innovation in real estate marketing this year. In this video Treadstone Marketing Director Matt Muscat sits down with Taylor Blom with Front Door Photography in Holland to walk you through the ins and outs of virtual reality for use in real estate. Virtual reality is a great option for out of town buyers, and going above and beyond to impress your sellers.

Video Transcript: “Hi guys it’s Matthew Treadstone Funding and I’m coming to you today with some really cool new technology and in the real estate marketing field. And I get really excited when something truly new and innovative comes out. These I think it really boosts what we’re all able to do as real estate professionals. So today I’m here with Taylor Blom from Front Door Photography talking about virtual reality for we’ve seen photos and presentations. So Taylor obviously you show me the headset. What is it walking to do and what are some of the implications for the real estate community.

Yeah. So new technology is obviously really exciting but you always want new technology to be useful practical affordable and really a game changer in the way listings are displayed online. So we’re able to do now which is really exciting as we could take a a 3D model so we can go in and take a 3D video and capture any interior space. And after we capture it and you can see that on your iPhone you can see it on online. Basically you can take that 3D model and we can pull it into the virtual reality space so that it’s viewable with the pair of these Samsung.

In this case Samsung VR headset but any sort of virtual reality device. And from what I’ve read in the news recently they they’re selling virtual reality headset devices as cheap as fifteen to twenty five dollars through Google cardboard and similar services. Could some cheaper option like that be used by real estate professionals as well for you.

Yeah definitely they have it. They have a wide. I mean as with any new technology. They have a headset that’s two thousand dollars and they had said like you mentioned Google Cardboard that’s 15. So really there’s no prohibitive price point for the glasses themselves just because you know depending on your budget, depending on what kind of medium you want to view you can find something that’s going to that’s going to work.

Very Cool. So we excited to try these on and see what a virtual tour of a house looks like through virtual reality. So for the viewing audience out here you probably things so crazy right now. I’m currently in a house fully immersed and there’s all these little blue orbs and as I focus towards the focus my gaze towards them clicking it lets me walk throughout the room. And I can I can literally go up down left or right in the level of detail on this is absolutely amazing. I mean I feel like I literally I don’t know if your face is here is that are on the touch you literally touch this table right here. Yes it’s a centimeter away. This is very very very cool.

So if you haven’t used virtual reality before or haven’t thought about it. I think now now is the time to give it a chance. Taylor and his company are more than capable of helping you shoot a cool home with the service. And remember marketing it’s not that you necessarily have to use a toy that’s for every single thing. But if you’re even able to use it once it’s a great way it’s a great piece of technology that you can then bring the future listing for provisions to show your clients what you’re capable of. And if you’re the only one doing it you’re going to be the only one offering that benefit. Any other things add up that people might want to know about virtual reality or how to contact you if they are interested in looking into this further.

Yeah well they can they can find us online and we’re available quickly and easily with a quick phone call or email. I mean ultimately we just want to as a company we want to use the most advanced technology that that ultimately makes a difference. And with this technology the way that is set up the way that it’s priced. It’s much more affordable than spending two thousand dollars on a lifestyle video that you might do for a home and then it you know like you were saying do it on a one or two listings and then you have it and you’re listing presentation you have it in your tool box. You know in addition to the photos in the video the 3D modeling we do. We’re really excited about this specifically because we think it’s the future. I mean we think that as soon as next year more and more people are gonna have these virtual reality headsets and they’re going to be wanting to experience these spaces and places in a cool way. So we’re excited about it and yeah we’re we’re ready to rock. Cool. We look forward to using it. I cannot wait to see this new technology popping up more and more in the western Michigan market and across the country.”