Ever wondered what videos you should be making to help build your own brand and enhance your presence to prospective buyers and sellers? In this short video, professional videographer, Matt Walton, tells you the 5 types of videos that he feels every real estate agent should be creating.

Video Transcript: Hey guys welcome back to the vlog. Today is a real quick video on something that I get asked all the time by real estate agents across the country. And that is what are the five key videos that every real estate agent should be doing.

“Everything that they didn’t learn real estate school.”

I’m actually gonna go in reverse order, I’m gonna give you the most important first and then go to the least important.

“They can’t get the service they need from one.”

But number one is a bio or profile video.

“My name is Renata Calderon and I am a real estate agent with Mackie group.”

“I am a real estate agent for the Mackie group and Keller Williams.”

You need a video of who you are. Something that shows, you know, your track record your personality and what you’re looking to accomplish. People need to be able to connect with you on a personal level because they’re about to trust you with one of the largest purchases they’ll ever make.

“This is the biggest investment of someone’s life. So you really have to be patient.”

Number two are listing videos.

“We are walking past the dining room which is really open. And as you’ve seen probably in the videos and in the photos this unit is so full of light.”

If you are listing houses you need video for them. This will not only work as a creative way to show the house and get it out to more people. We’re talking about maybe 100 people in an open house and you can get 10,000 views on a listing.

You can’t get 10,000 people into an open house, no matter how hard you try. So you want to have a video to get the word out and to better market your listing.

Number three is a selling process video.

“Focus on how to actually be an effective real estate agent, listing presentations, buyer consultations.”

You want to make a video on the selling process. Especially for people that have never sold a home before or it’s been a while since they’ve sold a home and things have changed. You want to have a video to let them know what your role is, what their role is and what the whole selling process is going to be.

“You know the traditional model for listing home is that the agent comes to the home. Does a quick walkthrough. Gives the seller some advice but they’re very pleasant about it because they don’t offend anybody. Problem with that is it’s not an effective way to get top dollar. It’s an effective way for the listing to be given to that agent because they tell the seller what they want to hear, but unfortunately you know it hurts the seller because they don’t hear what they need to hear.”

Number four, on the same note, is the buying process.

You want a video that lets people know especially first time home buyers what to expect and what they should know and what they should be prepared for.

“So the buyer knows what it is that they’re about to go through.”

These two videos are key to setting you apart from other agents.

“I think average agents just don’t take the time with their clients and they just see them as a money symbol.”

Number five is kind of a weird one. It’s market update videos.

Now this could be one video that you put out every month or something that you put out every week. But it should be a series of videos.

“It is the first of September and welcome we’re here to talk about stats for the city of Duluth.”

“Here’s what’s going on the market. Here’s what you have to understand. Here’s what you have to do to succeed in this market.”

You want to establish yourself as the professional as the go to person and let people know that you really understand the market and you’re really on top of things. This is a very key video and one that you should definitely be doing and definitely be doing on a consistent basis.

The agent has a focus on what’s what’s going to be ready 30 days from now, 60 days from now, 90 days from now.

And those are the five top videos I think every real estate agent should be doing.