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{A recent report by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) states that|According to the National Association of Realtors® (NAR),} over 44% of homebuyers start their search for a new home online. {Add|Combine} that with the fact that {many|most|a huge number of|a lot of} {prospective|potential} homebuyers {that may be|who are} searching {on the Internet|online} {don’t bother|won’t even consider} looking at {properties|homes} that don’t {display|have} {any {photos|photographs}|{photos|photographs}}, {this|it} means if {your|the} {house|home} that you put up for sale doesn’t {show any|have|have any associated} {photos|photographs} to show the {prospective|potential} client what they could be buying, then you {most likely will be|might be|are probably} reducing {the|your} chances of selling the home {as fast as you might have|quickly}. So, not only {should you|do you want to} add photographs to your listings, you {need to be|want to make} sure those {photos|photographs} show the home in the best possible light. This is {why hiring an experienced real estate photographer will probably benefit you|where hiring an experienced real estate photographer will benefit you}. Real estate photography is {different|so different} from other {genres|types} of photography, so {be sure to ask to|make sure you ask see} previous work from {the|any} {city} real estate photographer that you might be considering {working with|hiring}. Real estate photographers {know they have to|are used to having to} deliver high-quality work {in a very short period of time|very quickly} ({normally|usually} within {one business day|24-business hours}) because they know the {property listing|listing} {has|needs} to {be|get} up on the {Multi-Listing Service|MLS} as {quickly|soon} as possible to attract potential buyers.

When you {contact|speak to} your local {city} real estate photographer, {be sure to|make sure you} ask them if they {offer|do} any kind of post-shoot {editing services|editing} using Photoshop or other {types of software|software}{. You might also want to|, and you may also want to} consider {adding a|a} home video tour or 3D-tour if you think {it will help the property sell|the property warrants it} – so make sure to ask the photographer if they can provide those services.


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