In the highly competitive realty market, aerial photography is the finest technique to obtain an eye-catching looks of building by highlighting it in regard to its environment. In a more basic way, having impressive pictures is an essential aspect for improving the high quality of the sales process.

Video Transcript “Aerial photography. I’m telling you. Realtors are missing both. The single biggest tip I can give any real estate agent to get listings is to start using aerial photography.

You don’t need to go out by one of these. Matter of fact you shouldn’t go out by one because we’re not allowed to use and you have to hire an FAA approved drone photographer. And the few agents that are using these with drone photographers are waiting until they get a listing and then they’re having aerial photos and an aerial video taken. But the magic is look at your expired listings every day. Look for the listing that expired that should have had aerial photography for that first photo and should have had an aerial video. And meet with that seller. Show them how good their house would look if they had drone photography. Let them know their previous agent didn’t use it. I’m telling you you’ll get listings like crazy. I started doing it five years ago and I can say it’s probably one of if not the best things I ever did to get listings.

So start don’t wait till you get a listing to use this. Start you don’t need to buy it. All you need to do is look for expired listings. That should have had aerial photography and did meet with that seller. Let him know that it’s a shame the previous agent didn’t use aerial photos and aerial videos. They’ll get it and they’ll list with you.

I’m Jim McCord and I’m going to attach a couple more videos to this. Look at the  videos in the upper hand corner, upper right hand corner guys have a great day.”

Relating to the increasing competition, utilizing drones for real estate photography has actually become one of the most preferred approach of introducing residential or commercial properties for sale. Therefore, keeping on your own updated with the most recent technology and use it in advertising are considered as the best for enhancing profits.